Derby Shelled Walnuts

shelled walnuts for sale
deann and pat showing walnut tree

We are a 300-acre prune and walnut farm in Northern California.  My mother refers to this area as “God’s Country”. We take great pride in every aspect of the operation to assure we grow the best quality walnuts.  When you order Derby shelled walnuts, we guarantee you are getting fresh walnuts that are the best walnuts available, with no cross contamination from any other nut.

Shelled Walnuts For Sale

Because Derby Walnuts hulls and dries its own walnuts, we know that the end product is perfect. The nuts are immediately cracked and placed into cold storage to ensure the freshest walnuts available and are never stored in a warm or lighted environment. When you order Derby shelled walnuts we take them out of cold storage and ship them immediately. Taste test after taste test proves that Derby Walnuts are the best tasting walnuts around!  We guarantee it or your money back.

Trying to be the best stewards possible on the walnut farm

We are so blessed to be a part of such beautiful and rich land. We are constantly implementing best practices so we can be the best stewards possible. This includes updating irrigation systems, using only what the trees need and without any waste. We also cover crop to promote a healthy environment for native beneficial bees and insects. We grow vegetative buffer zones to capture excess water, and keep our waterways clean and safe from fertilizers.

After you try our shelled walnuts you will say goodbye to dull and dry store bought nuts and hello to the world of fresh!

100% All Natural Shelled Walnuts

Fresh Walnuts Just Taste Better!