walnut orchard
planting walnut saplings
Deann and Pat with dogs

The Derby Walnut Orchard Beginning

The Derby Walnut Orchard began in 1928 with when George Derby arrived in Rio Oso, California on New Years Eve. His first purchase was 16 acres in 1929 which he initially didn’t plant a walnut orchard but rather planted peaches, beans and hay. George was a very industrious man who continued to grow the acreage and expand growing mostly peaches and almonds. It wasn’t until the 1950’s when he purchased a 75 acre block that he planted prunes and walnuts.

In 1963 his son Bob Derby, an engineer at the time, decided to return home to the life of farming. Bob purchased additional acreage where he planted a prune and walnut orchard. Together in 1967 they built a walnut huller that could be used for hulling and drying not only their crop but other farmers walnuts as well. Over the next 40 years the Derby’s slowly began converting all the acreage to walnuts and prunes.

Today Derby Walnut Orchard is proud to have been happily serving customers for over 80 years. Deann and Pat continue the family legacy of producing some of the best walnuts in the valley.

Because we hull and dry our own walnuts, we know that the end product is perfect. Our walnuts are immediately cracked and placed into cold storage to ensure the freshest available. Our walnuts are never stored in a warm or lighted environment. When you order we take them out of cold storage and ship them immediately. Taste test after taste test proves that Derby Walnuts are the best tasting walnuts! We guarantee it or your money back.

Because we are so blessed to be a part of such beautiful and rich land, we are constantly implementing best practices so we can be the best stewards possible. This includes updating irrigation systems, using only what the trees need and without any waste. We are also cover cropping to promote a healthy environment for native beneficial bees and insects. Growing vegetative buffer zones to capture excess water in the walnut orchard helps keep our waterways clean and safe from fertilizers.  For other conservation ideas here is a great list by CUESA

After you try our walnuts you will say goodbye to dull and dry walnuts of the past and hello to the world of fresh! Because Fresh just tastes better.