Pre-order information

So your wanting to pre-order some whole unshelled walnuts or some new harvest shelled walnuts and your wondering how it works when you pre-order.  It is pretty simple really.

  1. You order an item that is set to pre-order.   
  2. You go through the check out process as normal, but when you get to payment section you will pay later when they are available for shipping.
  3. When they are available we will then add the shipping charge to your order
  4. We will send you a notification to make final payment for your order.
  5. Once payment is received we will ship the order like normal

The big difference in the order process is:

  1. You pay later once the walnuts are ready to go
  2. You cannot have multiple pre-order items in your cart.  Each pre-order item will have to be paid for separately.

So look for our upcoming pre-order items in the shop.

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