No Cross Contamination Walnuts

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Allergen and Cross Contamination Information

In today’s world, foods are seldom manufactured or processed free of cross contamination.  We get emails and / or telephone calls every day inquiring if our walnuts are processed with peanuts or any other tree nut.  Having food allergies myself, I understand their concerns.  Ingesting foods for someone who is allergic, is not only painful and dangerous, it could be fatal.

It seems that food allergies are on the rise and today people with food allergies have to be so careful. Having an allergy to peanuts is particularly difficult.  So many foods are manufactured in a plant that has cross contamination and processes peanuts, other tree nuts or maybe uses peanut oil.  Most national nut distributors process a variety of nuts in the same facility.  It is important to read the labels closely to ensure it is peanut free and not cross contaminated.

Peanut Free

Our walnuts do not come in contact with any other tree nut and no peanuts come in contact with our product.  Using best farming practices we grow our walnuts on our own property and harvest them ourselves with equipment used only with walnuts.  After harvesting, we hull and dry them in our walnut dedicated facility.

Once the product is dry, we deliver the walnuts in walnut only containers to a peanut free facility.  In years past we have used a walnut dedicated cracking plant, however 2021 looks to be just as challenging as 2020! Our new sheller also processes almonds.  That being said, they are shelled in separate buildings and on dedicated equipment.  Our walnuts are shelled on equipment dedicated to walnuts in a walnut only building.  I know this is of great concern to many but knowing the nuts do not come in contact with each other, you will have to assess your individual risk tolerance.

Afterwards we place them in our peanut free walnut cold storage assuring the end user that our walnuts are not only the freshest, most delicious walnuts but as safe as possible.

No Cross Contamination

Our hands-on approach to everything we do ensures that our facility is and stays free of cross contamination.  We are a no peanuts zone.  We take food safety seriously.

When you purchase Derby Walnuts, we want you to be worry free and enjoy the freshest, best tasting walnuts that can be found.

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