When you buy walnuts, it’s as easy as clicking a few buttons.  We guarantee that you’re getting the freshest bag of walnuts that you can get because they stay in cold storage until you click the order button.  You can be assured when you buy our walnuts you’re getting the latest harvest.  Any bag of walnuts you buy right now is from our current years harvest.

Don’t pay store prices for a bag of walnuts that aren’t fresh. Buying walnuts from a reliable source gives you a better guarantee of freshness. Your local grocery store or supermarket may keep them on the shelf under lights and usually will keep them close to their sell by date. We recommend that you buy a one or two months supply of walnuts at a time, eat those, then buy walnuts again as you need them. Buying in bulk may seem like a great financial way of buying walnuts, but it will depend on how fast you can eat them. We love walnuts and eat them everyday.

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