2lb Bag of Walnuts


Harvest begins August and runs through September.  Walnuts will begin shipping towards the beginning of November as they are dried and shelled. 

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This is a 2lb bag of walnuts halves and pieces

Derby Orchards Shelled Walnuts are guaranteed fresh.  This 2lb bag of walnuts is perfect for snacking and baking.  Our Serr walnuts are the best tasting walnuts you will find.

Fresh is Best!!

These are halves, quarters or pieces of shelled walnuts that are grown locally and processed in our peanut free processing facility.  Our fresh walnuts are picked from the field, dried, shelled and go directly into cold storage until you make your order so you get the freshest walnuts available, we guarantee it.

Our walnuts can be a mix of light and amber colored walnuts.

Find out more about walnuts and their health benefits here

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 in

Nutritional Facts

Allergy Info

Walnuts are gluten free

Walnuts are a tree nut.  If you have a tree nut allergy you likely will not be able to eat walnuts.

Walnuts are not a legume.  If you have a peanut allergy you should be able to eat our walnuts.  We are a peanut free facility.